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Provision of all services are informed by the referral and supporting documentation and tailored to meet each child or young person’s individual needs and preferences. We provide a professional and adaptable service, keeping everything as simple as possible, whether such needs have been
identified or further support and assessment is required to identify them.

Our personalised approach empowers and supports children and young people whilst providing them with the tools to develop and grow safely and independently. We are reliable from start to finish, keeping every relevant person a part of the process and

The provision of our services includes, but not limited to:


- Activity-based learning, including ASDAN accreditation.

- Life Skills Training

- Keep Safe Work

- Support those who have special educational needs or difficulties; disabilities; emotional and/or behavioural difficulties.

- Family Support

- Educate and role-model socially acceptable behaviour.

- Anger Management

- Restorative Work

- Counselling

- CRUSH - Positive relationships, healthy relationships for teens

- Support CYP in a variety of settings within the community


- Support those who are at risk of, or subject to safeguarding concerns.

​​- Emergency and quick response intervention, including supervised contact; welfare checks; waking night monitoring/ support; transition and planning support.

- Consult and deliver parenting/ family support, including Triple P Parenting.

- Attend multi-professional meetings, or prepare reports to inform the meeting, as well as support CYP to attend meetings and/or engage in difficult conversations.

- Support young people aged 16+ in supported accommodation, to ensure their needs are met and they have opportunities to develop independence.

- Court reports; parenting assessments; risk assessments; AIM 2 Assessment and Intervention.

- 16+ Supported Living

  • Independence skills

  • Employability

  • Leaving care and transition

  • Keeping safe and self-care


We support those responsible for children and young people’s education to provide opportunities which maximise children and young people’s full potential.


Educational support is available in the education provision setting; community; at home; online/ conference call; or by supporting a planned transition from one provision/setting to another. 

In adapting programmes and tasks to each child or young person’s individual needs and learning styles, we can support them to meaningfully engage and achieve:

  • Core curriculum subjects include English, Maths, Science, PSHE and Humanities, supported by projects, activities, and guest speakers. 

    • Key Stage 2

    • Key Stage 3

    • Key Stage 4

      • Non- accredited

      • Functional skills

  • A range of Award Scheme Development and Accreditation Network (ASDAN) courses

  • A range of online accredited courses

  • Employability skills, including information, advice and guidance on education and career options, application and progression.

  • Independence skills, including leaving care and transition into adulthood.

Further to this, we provide:

  • Opportunities for social activities and engagement with the wider community

  • Opportunities for physical activities

  • Opportunities to incorporate our other Mentoring Support Service, Social Care Services or Professional Services and community resources and networks to educational services.

  • Educational Assessments and support to arrange additional assessments.


- QTS qualified Teachers

- Qualified and registered CYP’s Social Worker

- Disability Support Worker

- Foster Carer

- Counselling

- Teaching Assistant


All services are assessed, monitored, and reviewed by Inspyre Plus’ appropriate person, which may be our social worker, teacher, or the management team.

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