At Inspyre Plus we like to keep things as simple as possible. We provide an affordable, straightforward service from start to finish and keep everyone a part of the process including parents and professionals.

When we receive a referral to Inspyre Plus a carefully matched mentor will meet the child/ young adult initially to have an informal conversation.

The right mentor can build trust with the child/young adult, help them feel comfortable and make a positive change in their lives, this helps the relationship build and empower the child/young adult.

Our main focus is the voice of the child/young adult: this is a foundation of the service we provide. Our mentors will guide the child/young adult with the aim of building a trusting and empowering relationship. By understanding the child/young adult we can help him or her.

No matter what the challenge the child/young adult has we believe that we are able to help make a difference for him/her with an intensive and personalised approach.


​​- Parental Support

- Anger Management

- Triple P Parenting

- Trust & Understanding Family Group Package

- Restorative Work

- Counselling

- CRUSH - Positive relationships, healthy relationships for teens.

- Life Skills Training

- Keep Safe Work


​​- Social Care Assessments

- SWET Form

- Care Plan

- Mental Health First Aid

- Residential Care

- Emergency Care

- Court Attendance

- Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) Screening & Support

(We have qualified social workers as part of our team)


​​- Aim 2 Assessment

- Aim 2 Intervention

- Parental Assessment

- Risk Assessments


- Alternative Education

- Educational Assesments

(We have qualified QTS Teachers as part of our team)

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